Honor comes from the spirit of the idea, the credibility of the superb management, enterprise development is not only successful, development is the life of the enterprise, success is the beginning of development

Qualification and honor

Since 1992, through scientific innovation and technical improvement, Zhejiang Anma Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd has achieved multiple technical patents in breaking hammer industry and own multiple scientific and technological honors; the Company has perfect qualification system, and successively passed ISO 9001 quality system certificate, CE certificate, Ali Certificate (add after issuing the certificate); besides, the company’s production ability, research and development ability, trade ability, quality system and others have reached first-class breaking hammer at home.

Since 1992, Zhejiang Anma Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd through scientific innovation and technological improvement, in the crushing hammer industry made a number of technology patents, won the number of scientific and technological recognition; improve the company's quality system, has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, CE certification, Ali certification (certificate), in terms of production capacity, research and development ability, the ability to trade, quality system have reached domestic crusher hammer first-class enterprise standards, with excellent strength with the international well-known brand competition.